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at Panama, Rep. of Panama

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Privileged Entourage

Entorno de Privilegios

Amador Heights is a small private neighborhood with less than 20 lots which belongs to Amador, one of the Panama Canal Company early housing constructions, at the Canal shore.

Once Panama took control of these reverted areas in the Canal Treaty transference date, by December 31th, 1999, those areas were bid for its development.

The Bridge of the Americas Yatch MarinaAmador it’s becoming one of the most beautiful and well developed areas in Panama City, due to its privileged geographic position at the Panama Canal entrance.

Its three touristic islands Naos, Perico and Flamenco, connected by the famous “Causeway” have been quickly growing over the last 6 years, with restaurants, bars, clubs, yacht marinas, and docks, duty free areas, and many outdoor sports areas for biking, dock fishing, walking and jogging sidewalks.


Along the Causeway there is a nice and gentle breeze, and a beautiful panoramic view toward the Pacific Ocean and to the ships navigating from and to the Panama Canal; and in the opposite side, a view toward the Panama City shore, with its skyscrapers and old city housing enlighten this charming coast. They are really spectacular views that nobody should miss.

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